June 4: New official Youtube channel

  • -We've made a new offical youtube channel (Sub with the youtube button below, or NEW CHANNEL LINK), where we will post offical updates/ announcements, and sneak peaks on upcoming stuff!
    The old channel will still be run by Mope.io dev KOA, and will have unique mope.io fan content!-- MOPE KOA Channel Link
  • We've got a fix for the ghost bug coming soon, and we're currently working on finally fixing random server disconnections.

April 17: Mope Proxy sites

April 7: Bug fixes

  • -Fixed slow boosting (properly now)
  • -rare animals rarity increase (eg Golden Eagle 5/1000, Black Rhino 4/1000, Aqua Yeti 5/600)
  • -poison lake's damage decreased by 2x

March 12: Buffs, nerfs, bug fixes, and mud diving!

  • -Certain animals (hippo/komodo/pig/warthog/ croc/rhino/boa/chicken) can dive in mud now!
  • -Fixed all kinds of bugs, all details in the CHANGELOG

March 10: We're working on lag fixes

  • -Fixed most lag issues- (update March 10- still fixing lag issues)
  • -In the settings (click the gear button), you can choose lower graphics to make your gameplay smoother (Though it may look blurrier)

March 3: New Trees, skins, Bigfoot!

    -NEW: Climbable trees (4+ types) + Forest biome!

  • PRESS S TO CLIMB UP/DOWN trees- only certain animals can climb them and 1/4 of the land has loads of them!
  • -Trees turn transparent when a player gets close to them-great for hiding/hunting
  • -NEW: There's a rare Bigfoot Animal discovered in mope! (dragon tier)

  • Bigfoots can throw spears to hunt their prey!
  • When climbing NEW trees, Bigfoot's spears hit flying animals/animals in trees only
  • Bigfoot can create fires by holding the ability button down
  • Bigfoot is shop buyable, or 1/1000 rarity)
  • -Rivers now shrink (dry up) over time (and re-fill), adding a challenge to ocean animals crossing
  • -A new poison lake (surrounded by hills) appears in the land biome! Watch out

  • -NEW: sounds when eating food, drinking water drops, eating animals, and dying (a mute button has been added to the settings)

  • -10+ NEW skins in the shop! Check them out!
  • -Loads of bugs fixed (see CHANGELOG for more details)

Feb 5: More bot/lag fixes

  • -bot spawning fixed (properly now)
  • -game should run more smoothly (less stutter)- remember, close other games/ use one mope tab for best performance!

Feb 4: Bot/Bug Fixes

  • -fixed: some server crashes and mass-bot spawning fixed
  • -lots more bug fixes coming up

DEC 29: Bug Fixes

  • -fixed: Golden KD upgrade if evolving from BD
  • -fixed: KD not counted as Apex kill
  • -fixed: Apex kills interface not showing for Goden/Azure BD
  • -nerf: Phoenix is 10% slow in desert, has 15% more boost interval...
  • -more bug fixes listed in the CHANGELOG

DEC 23: #GoldenAge (In time for Christmas)

    NEW: Accounts + shop:

  • There are 59 brand new skins you can buy in the new mope shop! (Log in to see it)
  • -Now you can now log-on using Facebook and Google, and get an account to earn coins/ buy skins with coins (It saves!).
  • NEW: You earn coins while playing (only when you have your adblocker disabled)
  • NEW: You can buy coins with real $ (to support the game)

  • Buy special skins for your favorite animals, including golden versions and cool redesigns!
  • Skins are only cosmetic, so they don't give paying players an advantage. (Except looking great!)

    NEW HD art for most animals!

    NEW Disasters

  • -NEW Tsunami, Volcano eruption, Tornados, Storms, Waves
  • -Each disaster happens rarely, Tsunami and Volcanic erruptions are very rarely occuring disasters

  • Volcanic Eruption:
    Volcano now erupt, shake and throw fireballs. Also spit lava balls which turn into Lavalakes. Lavalakes stay for 5-10 minutes.

  • Snowstorm:
    Generates in Arctic, a giant clouds moves through arctic region creating snow. As it moves on snowfall intesifies. Snowfall cause Freeze to non-arctic animals

  • Tsunami:
    Generate in each ocean wash food/animals out of ocean. Only ocean animals can dive if they are caught in a Tsunami wave

  • Coldstorm:
    Generates in Arctic, creates cold waves that freeze animals and push food/animals away gently

  • Rainstorm:
    Generates on Land, a giant clouds moves through the region creating rainfall. As it moves on rainfall intesifies. Each raindrop gives water to every animal

  • Duststorm:
    Generates in Desert, creates sand waves that slowdown animals by 10% speed and push food/animals away gently

  • Heatwave:
    Generates in Desert, creates heat waves that give burns to animals and push food/animals away gently

  • Tornados:
    Each biome creates a tornado that sucks in food and pull animals. However animals can escape if they keep boosting or dive in water or hide in hole. Firetornado in volcano, Dustdevil in desert, Waterspout in oceans, Arctic Twister in Arctic, and Land Tornado on Land. There is a very rare Devil Twister that creates in any biome which has more suck power and has a devil face!

    NEW: Snowman

  • A new Apex animal Snowman come with 1/2000 rarity and can be bought from shop as well
  • Snowman is similar to Yeti with one additional passive ability where it can Camouflage if not moving. When carrot turns Orange you can hide anywhere in Arctic. Camouflage ends when you move or hurt.

    NEW: Arctic Volcano

  • -Erupts slower than land volcano
  • -has some cool graphics to make eruption look good
  • -shoots snowballs projections that hit animals and freeze them, upon fall they create movable snowballs


  • -loads of balancing, bug fixing, nerfs and buffs

Aug 16

  • Fixed bugs, removed video ads for now, so you can re-join the game quickly.

July 8: Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with food/water not spawning properly around the game.
  • Fixed mouse and ducks walking on hills after getting hurt.

June 18: Bug Fixes

  • NERF: Trex shaking damage removed. Damage occurs on first grab and then on bleeding
  • NERF: Trex can't grab diving ocean animals
  • NERF: Trex can't grab diving animals if they are diving for more than 2s
  • NERF: Golden Eagle rarity increased by 33%
  • NERF: Komodo Dragon's sweat duration/seat amount reduced by 20%
  • NERF: Flytrap's bite damage reduced by 20%
  • BUFF: King Crab's speed outside ocean increased to 10%
  • BUFF: Ice Monster's crystal growth/speed increased
  • FIXED: Pelican water bomb not hiting victims
  • FIXED: Pelican self hit from own water bomb
  • FIXED: Black Widow web teleport catching animals when spider is too far or was stunned
  • FIXED: Komodo Dragon teleport grab bug
  • FIXED: Black Dragon not healing in 1v1 arena
  • FIXED: Toucans not getting hurt in Desert biome (only lava toucan is allowed to not hurt)
  • FIXED: Objects going underneath Trees
  • FIXED: Melons not getting watered
  • FIXED: Killable food pushing animals out of hiding holes
  • FIXED: Bot spawning
  • FIXED: anti-teaming 0xp-bite
  • FIXED: Aniamls getting hit by bees while diving
  • NEW: Inside Arena, opponents go semi transparent so they can see through each other when fighting

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